The Executive Committee shall be composed of the: · President · Vice President · Secretary, Treasurer · Marshal · Scholarship Chairman · Recruitment Chairman The Executive Committee shall have the authority to make emergency decisions for the colony/chapter; appoint and remove non-elective positions and create such committees as may be needed.​
Alumni Relations Committee: headed by the Alumni Chairman, shall coordinate alumni events and a bi-annual alumni communications piece. Philanthropy/Community Service Committee: headed by the Philanthropy/Community Service Chairman, shall organize, direct and execute all colony community service projects and philanthropy events. Recruitment Committee: headed by the Recruitment Chairman, shall organize and direct all recruitment activities of the colony. Scholarship Committee: headed by the Scholarship Chairman, shall plan and conduct a program to encourage scholastic achievement and improve the academic standing of the colony’s individual members. Social Committee: headed by the Social Chairman, shall plan and conduct all social activities and brotherhood events according the Theta Chi Risk Management Standards and Insurance Manual.
House Maintenance Committee: headed by the House Manager, shall colonyproperty and house operations (if applicable). Fundraising Committee: headed by the Fundraising Chairman,shall plan and execute all fundraising opportunities for the colony, with the goal to raise money to support the colony above and beyond what is funded through dues paid by the members. Athletics Committee: headed by the Athletics Chairman, shall organize and coordinate all sporting/ intramural events for the colony. Public Relations Committee: headed by the Public Relations Chairman, shall organize all publicity related to the colony activities that promote the image and notoriety of the colony. Risk Management Committee: headed by the Risk Manager, shall ensure proper compliance with all fraternity, university, local, state and federal laws and policies. The Committee is further charged with educating all new members/members with regard to these policies.